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The Healing Power of Music

Debra Ulrich recently visited her parents, Norman and Darlene Thouvellel, at Fort Scott Presbyterian Village. Debra brought along a quite unique instrument to entertain her parents and other residents: the Native American flute. She explained that READ MORE

Medicare, Medicaid and Long-Term Care: Your Questions Answered

A senior woman and a healthcare professional have a pleasant conversation in a senior living setting

Long-term care costs the federal programs do and don’t pay for [Photo credit: Adobe Stock]

By Richard Eisenberg for Next Avenue

Next Avenue recently asked readers to send us their questions about Medicare, Medicaid and long-term care coverage. The most popular ones:

  • What is offered by Medicare and Medicaid for long-term care?
  • If my assets are too high, should I forget about Medicaid?
  • Why does Medicare coverage only pay for skilled care?

Today, we’ll answer those questions.

This topic is weighing heavily READ MORE

How to Make the Most of Your Holidays

Happy family exchanging wrapped gifts

Tips and inspiration to keep the season low on stress and high on meaning [Photo credit: Getty Images]

By Heidi Raschke for Next Avenue

From gifts that are truly meaningful to tips on navigating tricky family situations, we’ve got advice and inspiration from the Next Avenue stories below to help you have truly happy holidays:

Traditions and Family


Fort Scott Presbyterian Village honored for achievements

Ginger Nance, executive director of Fort Scott Presbyterian Village, with Bruce Shogren (left), president and CEO of PMMA, and Bill Taylor (right), COO of PMMA

Fort Scott Presbyterian Village received a certificate of recognition from Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America for reaching goals in fiscal year 2017, covering the months of July 1, 2016, through June 30, 2017.

The recognition came through READ MORE