A legacy made of Steele

By Ginger Nance, Executive Director

If you are from the Fort Scott area, you probably knew Bob and Faye Steele. Bob and Faye were both from Christian families who were each raised to “do the right thing” and to think through their actions before carefully making decisions. They each waited until later in life to marry, and once they made that commitment they honored each other in everything they did, even to the point of dressing alike each day. Bob and Faye both worked for the Western Insurance company in Fort Scott and retired after many years of employment. Bob told me when he moved to Presbyterian Village that although he was happy to call Presbyterian Village their home, it was a temporary home. He knew they would be eventually called to their eternal home with God, and he wanted to give Faye the best in the last years of their lives together. One of the qualities I remember most about Bob and Faye is that they loved each other unconditionally, and they were always very careful to make decisions that had lifelong benefits. They carefully considered what should happen with their estate when they passed, and they were very detailed in their plans. Bob also wanted to be sure that they could continue their legacy by helping others. With this in mind, they graciously donated the contents of their farm home to Presbyterian Village to be auctioned. They designated the proceeds for our Good Samaritan program, which helps Village residents pay for their care if they should outlive their resources through no fault of their own. We held the auction at the Bob and Faye Steele farm on August 13. The auction brought in more than $5,000. Every dollar will remain here in Fort Scott and directly help others in need at the Presbyterian Village. We can’t thank the Steeles and their attorney, Larry Nuss, enough for thinking of us in their future plans and for wanting to extend their love to others by giving to our Good Samaritan program. Often people don’t think they have a great deal of money to leave that can help others, yet they may have a home, contents of a home, a vehicle, stocks, bonds and many other items that can be donated and used in a way that can continue their legacy long after they are gone. If you would like to know more about giving or how you might consider the Village in your estate plans, please contact Ginger Nance at the Fort Scott Presbyterian Village at 620-223-5550 or Sarah Oenning at 1-800-336-8511, ext 1222.