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‘Tis the season for giving

Christmas treeBy Ginger Nance, Executive Director

What does Christmas represent for each of you? The birth of Jesus Christ comes to mind before anything else for many. People traveled for hundreds of miles to take gifts to the new baby, Jesus Christ, when he READ MORE

The happiness doctor is in

A Mayo Clinic physician offers a joyful plan based in science

By Sue Campbell for Next Avenue


Credit: Thinkstock

Dr. Amit Sood, 48, reckons, based on average life span, that he has 10,000 days more to live. That sense of finite time helps him focus his attention, show compassion, be grateful and help others — all actions that lead to happiness.

Sood chooses READ MORE

Retirement savings shortfall? Get a part-time job

Finding the right type of work might require some creativity

By Harriet Edleson for Next Avenue

Part time job-blog

Credit: Thinkstock

If you’re wondering how you’ll fund your retirement, which could stretch for 25 or 30 years, working part-time could be part of the solution.

Aside from the added income, a job in retirement can bring satisfaction, a sense of purpose and a way to READ MORE

You’re not as active as you think you are

Most people overestimate their exercise level, studies show

By Rashelle Brown for Next Avenue


Credit: Thinkstock

If I were to ask you how active you are, what would you say?

Do you consider yourself to be active and productive on most days of the week? Do you meet the recommended minimum of 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week? Would you go so far READ MORE

Art is Ageless® 2016 Calendars available

Get your copy at Fort Scott Presbyterian Village

Calendar cover 8-29- 2016A calendar featuring the works of artists age 65 and older is now available at all 18 Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America (PMMA) campuses. The calendar features the artwork of more than 40 artists age 65 and older whose works were selected in the READ MORE