New health opportunities for residents

KFP_600x600On July 1, 2015, Presbyterian Village entered an agreement with Mercy Health for Life to add wellness benefits to all Presbyterian Village residents on a regular basis.

Meet Rich Wallace, a physical therapist with Mercy Health for Life. He has more than 20 years of personal training experience. Clients thrive on his dynamic and enthusiastic personality.

Rich and many other specialists at the center also have extensive experience in working with people with arthritis and other aging issues. Adding this amenity provides our seniors with the opportunity to go to the center Mondays through Fridays to participate in personalized wellness programs. Residents can receive a physical assessment, set goals and receive health and nutrition advice if needed.

Presbyterian Village has recommended residents participate in activities at Mercy Health for Life in the past to address a loss of strength and an increase in falls with good results. Once residents started participating, they soon experienced a dramatic improvement to their overall physical and mental health.

“Making the decision to have Health for Life assessable free of charge to all residents 5 days a week was an easy decision to make,” said Ginger Nance, executive director. “If seniors will go on a routine basis and improve their overall health before problems occur, we can foresee a much improved lifestyle for them to enjoy year around.”