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Grateful to give back

We at Fort Scott Presbyterian Village are immensely grateful for the community support we receive. We show our gratitude through a variety of community outreach programs.

We sponsor some of the first-place winners at the county fair every year, have READ MORE

Success from the school of hard knocks

How Barbara Petrie grew a business from the ground up

Barbara Petrie

Barbara Petrie

Soon, children all over the country will be slipping on their backpacks and new shoes and heading back to school. There they will learn valuable lessons: the building blocks to a successful future. Fort Scott Presbyterian Village resident Barbara Petrie READ MORE

Pedal to your own beat

By Ginger Nance, Executive Director

Adult three-wheeled bicycles, also known as adult tricycles, can be so much fun in the summer and are a great way to spend the evening on our walking path next to our beautiful pond.

Imagine a bicycle bell and basket READ MORE